Quota League


WHEN: Quota League will be held every Wednesday night. Dates TBD.

TIME: 3:00 TO 4:30

COST:  $42.50 which includes Golf, Cart, Range and a weekly $10.00 prize fund ($10.00 for Season Ticket members)

How it Works

If you played in the past, we have your Quota number for you. If this is your first time, you will get a number after the first round. Quota numbers do change weekly depending what you shoot the week before.

Quota Points
Double bogey or above  = 0 points
BOGEY = 1 point
PAR = 2 points
BIRDIE = 3 points
EAGLE/ HIO = 4 points

EXAMPLE:  You have a quota of 11. You played and shot a 41. Your hole-by-hole numbers are: 3 pars,1 birdie,4 bogies and a double—Your quota is 13, so you beat out your quota by 2.

We pay out every week depending on how many players we have.
0 –7 players: we pay out 1st only;
8-14 players: we pay out 1st and 2nd;
15 and above: we pay out 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Prize Money Breakdown
Out of the $10, $5.00 goes to the winners, $4.00 is a skin game and $1.00 goes toward the bust-up party. If there are no skins, we carry it over to the next.

Tee Boxes
To make it fair to all players, you can use the tee boxes outlined below. It will be based off your quota number. Note: you can always move back, but if you decide to go back, you must stay on those boxes for the round

0-4        Gold Tees
5-12      White Tees
13-18    Green Tees
19-Up    Blue Tees