Jack's Grill

Our Chef

Meet Josh Clark, the head chef here at The Bull. Josh has dedicated his career to making food that people will enjoy eating. Without moving from Wisconsin, he has experienced a journey that exposed him to all aspects of food preparation. Josh’s main focus is the importance of making sure all ingredients are fresh, and that the food he and his team prepares makes for an enjoyable meal.

With Jack’s Grill being open year round, Josh has created a menu with something in mind for everyone. Hearty entrées, fresh salads, and tasty sandwiches are what best meets the appetites for both golfers and non-golfers alike.

Two of Josh’s favorite entrées are the grilled shrimp risotto and the pan fried walleye. He also takes pride in his mastery of preparing a steak exactly to the guest’s liking.

Josh’s strategy for success is working as a team with his dedicated staff. This ensures you will enjoy your dining experience at Jack’s Grill!